Standezza Manual Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk


Transition from sitting to standing seamlessly with the Standezza Manual Sit-Stand desk. Equipped with a traditional hand crank users can manually raise and lower the desk in between bouts of sitting and standing to add variation to their work day.


    Our quality High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Tabletops are shockproof, resistant to heat, scratches and liquids and extremely durable compared to conventional tabletops.

    A wider range of colours are available on orders over 20, see "bulk orders" below for more details

    Bamboo is strong, durable and 100% biodegradable. They're easy to maintain and fit in well in modern and classic office set ups. 

    Unclutter and untangle your cables using one of our cable tidy's

    Unclutter and untangle your cables using one of our cable tidy's

    As you move from sitting to standing your posture changes, and so should your position of your monitors, using a monitor arm allows you to seamlessly change position of your monitors and prevent neck strain 

    Maintain a tidy work area with a keyboard tray, adjustable to find the optimal position to suit each user. 

    Increase blood flow to your legs whilst decreasing stress and fatigue from your feet, knees and spine using our high quality 100% recyclable Polyurethane anti-fatigue mats

    Engage your core and maintain correct posture whist sitting down using our high quality ball chairs

    Castor Wheels allow you to easily manoeuvre your sit-stand desk mobile