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What is a Treadmill Desk?

Treadmill desks are the new “in” trend for those who are pursuing a more active work life. The idea of walking – or more importantly moving – whilst doing day to day work tasks can have drastic effects on people’s health and wellbeing. Research is showing the majority of the working population spend their time inactive. Whether it is sat at a desk, in a meeting or even in the car to and from work. This level of inactivity is causing companies to change, industry leaders in USA and Europe have already started adopting a more active workplace for the interest of their employees.

Burn Calories Walking

Studies show by walking at a mid-pace for periods of the day can burn a significant number of calories. By remaining active throughout the day, users have expressed their feelings of positivity and greater wellbeing by merely walking for periods of the day. Another great aspect of walkdesks are their ability to alleviate stress and back pain whilst improving your health.

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